Cause I’m a pothole, soo…

Well, Geico has done it again. Personified an inanimate object. And you know what? I’m ok with it.

This time Geico has made a talking pothole. I actually think its pretty funny, and gets the point across about the benefits of having Geico (emergency road service). And the southern voice, perfect. Cheers to Geico for coming out with a campaign I might actually enjoy watching.

In the past, they’ve had some annoying ones. Mainly, the cavemen. Lets take a quick gander at what Geico has done.

First, and still, there is this little guy. The Geico Gecko.

geicoIn the beginning he was always upset for being confused for Geico. People would call him in the shower, and he would attempt to assure them he was Gecko, not Geico.

Then he more or less embraced the mishaps. He decided he should go with the flow, and just go around promoting Geico with every chance he had.

At times he revealed his innocent, yet funny side. His artsy expressive side, while dancing across a desk. And his mischievous side by using a bill that was not his to get something from a vending machine.


Then. There were these guys. The Geico Cavemen. Not only are these cavemen on my list of most annoying TV ads, but they are one of the worst campaign ideas Geico (Joe Lawson) has come up with. I hate the Geico Cavemen. And to think a TV show was made for them. I’m not sure what drugs ABC was on to even think of picking up a series on these guys and then to think it would be successful, but to no surprise it was cancelled quickly after it began. Very quickly.

Thank you Geico for finally phasing these guys out. If you want to reuse the Gecko, fine. But not these guys.


Then there was this campaign. Having a celebrity narrate a real persons story about using Geico car insurance. I’m okay with these. I mean they weren’t amazing, but they weren’t all together annoying. In fact, I found the Joan Rivers one comical. And who doesn’t love themselves some Little Richard?


This one you all remember. The stack of money with googly eyes, and that song. Still being used, but not the newest campaign. I have to admit, this stack of money did not raise my interest one bit when they first started airing this campaign. But after about 2-3 commercials I liked it. And the song stuck. Plus, imagine how much cheaper it is to use this stack of money over making new animations of the Gecko.

Picture 1
And then. Boom. This gal. Ultimately, I think the Gecko was probably their best, but this one looks very promising.



  1. I pretty much hate all the Geico commercials, not because they’re bad, but because there’s so many, one right after another!!!

  2. I think they’re all cute ads in their own ways, especially the pothole one. The cavemen is the most stupid campaign. There should have been one or two of thosebut they kept going with it. They definitely weren’t novel enough to get a TV show…please!

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