3-Dont Part Deux

As a quick addition to my first post, because of this 3-D craze other companies have been trying to jump on this burning bandwagon in hopes that they can gain some revenue due to declining sales.

One of the funniest to me is Playboy in 3D. Not so much that there is a magazine in 3D, because thats been done before, and well its how I remember it as a child.

No, its more the visual of men, and some women, across America with two-toned paper glasses, looking at the centerfold in their “position of choice”. That’s one visual I don’t need to see in 3D.

Then there is pretty much every television company trying to make some profit off the hype. Sony, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba…I’m sure this list goes on. They all have, or are in the process of making, 3D television sets. Ugh. Really?

“Hey can you pass the remote and those old pink-eye contagious glasses so I can watch this movie?” If they make designer 3D glasses, I might look directly at an eclipse. Not the Twilight movie, although that may have the same end result, an actual eclipse. Man, I’m ready for this trend to fade as it does every year.

UPDATE: Today I saw a commercial for 3-D Sidewalk Chalk by Crayola. What!? How is this even possible? Come on!


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