Cure My Cold With 10 Comfort Commercials

Its been a while, and I’ve been feeling sick. So lets take a second, crack open a case, and get “dressed up” to post about some “comfort” commercials. After all that is what cures all colds, right?

Now I don’t mean “comfort” in a fuzzy things sort of way, like the Snuggle Bear, which got incredibly creepy once it became animatronic, by the way.

No, I say comfort more in the sense that these are some good quality go-to commercials, although some might give you the warm fuzzy feelings too. They’ve been re-used for a few years, but I’m not complaining. Who says you can’t re-use a good commercial? They get the job done and are actually some of the best commercials out there.

So without further ado….comfort commercials:


1. Meijer. I love Meijer commercials, and the store. Would I want to work there? Absolutely not, but will I shop there? You bet your ass I will, and do, at crazy hours of the evening. The straight forward campaign that Meijer has the same quality products at a cheaper price is…well…straight forward. And funny.


2. Pedigree Dog Food. Put in the amazing voice of David Duchovny and I’m there. I don’t even have a dog and I want to buy Pedigree. Cute. To the point…and oh yeah its a good commercial too.


3. Allstate. Wait. Wait. Hear me out. Not the one with Dennis Haysbert, the one with Dennis Duffy! This could be because I really like Dean Winters‘ character Dennis from 30 Rock, “Hey Dummy, yeah as soon as my beeper went off I knew it was you,” but it could also be because of the way he goes about playing the role of Mayhem. Either way, I find his utter lack of respect for vehicles comforting to watch. It really spices up the Allstate commercials from Dennis Haysbert always asking, “are you in good hands?” Right? Right.


4. Reese’s. Peanut. Butter. Cups. I really don’t have to say more, but I will. Reese’s are delicious and so are their commercials. Every year they play this commercial. Simple and perfect! I wish more companies would follow suit. Not to mention this gets me super excited for Halloween. Lady Gaga here I come!

5. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats. I’m a big fan of miniaturizing things. I actually think its one of the most successful ploys out there. Women can’t resist miniature objects, as long as its not…you know what. Anywho, you have Frosted Mini Wheats characters that can talk, get your kids to school on time, compliment your work, and they taste good? That’s a recipe for success.


6. Hershey Kisses Christmas commercial. You recognize this one, and amazingly I don’t hate it. I expect to see this Kisses commercial each year and I even get a little upset when I don’t see it.


7. Muppets. Any commercial with the Muppets is not only comforting but wanted. I love Kermit. Please do more! I repeat you cannot go wrong with the Muppets! Unless you kill them. Even though I love Lady Gaga, I had to post her murdering Kermit…had to.


8. Skittles. They play this one every once in a while and although I don’t remember his “personal” speech midway, this commercial still gives me a warm feeling. Probably because I’m hot for Skittles and want them. But if I slammed my fists on my desk at work and Skittles were there, I’d be ecstatic! 1. I wouldn’t have to finish work because my job would be to clean up Skittles with my mouth and 2. I’d have a room full of Skittles! Comforting concept.


9. Sam Bernstein. I might get some slack for this. But seriously, you know these commercials. When you see them, do you not instantly smile? When a new one comes on, does a piece of you not jump with excitement? You know the number, you know the man, you know his family. This is a comfort commercial! You go Sam Bernstein.


10. Life Alert. If this isn’t a comfort I don’t know what is.


I feel so much better after that last one. Well thats its. My list of comfort commercials. Hopefully later today I can curl up on the couch, with a blanket, in my Lady Gaga costume, and watch some of these comfort commercials over a huge plate of food. If not, I’ll suffice for getting drunk off beer and hopefully the sickness will just disappear much like my hangover.



  1. Haha I love the Sam Bernstein ones. One of my favorites that’s not on this list is the Wal-Mart Christmas commercial where the cashiers and staff play Carol of the Bells with the registers and lights:

    • Hehe me too. Ooh. Maybe I’ll have to add an extended comforts commercials by holiday!

      • YES PLEASE. and your blog is not boring fyi. I thoroughly enjoy it because commercials are my FRIENDS

  2. Haha okay just found this one too and it is funny:

    • Haven’t seen this one before. 🙂

  3. “Women can’t resist miniature objects, as long as its not…you know what. ” aha. good one.

    re: skittles commercial. comforting? heck no! that commercial is the opposite of comforting for me. it is down right disturbing! who wants the midas touch with skittles? we all know how that story ended!

    and yes the bernstein commercial always comforting. makes me think of this… yeah im bad. cheap laughs. but then i think of this. but then i remember we are horrible people who laugh at special olympics commercials.

    • Skittles are comforting : ).

      I don’t think I even have to click that Bernstein link, which is sad. I’m pretty sure I didn’t laugh at that. That was you and Domenick. haha

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