Cure My Cold With 10 Comfort Commercials

Its been a while, and I’ve been feeling sick. So lets take a second, crack open a case, and get “dressed up” to post about some “comfort” commercials. After all that is what cures all colds, right?

Now I don’t mean “comfort” in a fuzzy things sort of way, like the Snuggle Bear, which got incredibly creepy once it became animatronic, by the way.

No, I say comfort more in the sense that these are some good quality go-to commercials, although some might give you the warm fuzzy feelings too. They’ve been re-used for a few years, but I’m not complaining. Who says you can’t re-use a good commercial? They get the job done and are actually some of the best commercials out there.

So without further ado….comfort commercials:


1. Meijer. I love Meijer commercials, and the store. Would I want to work there? Absolutely not, but will I shop there? You bet your ass I will, and do, at crazy hours of the evening. The straight forward campaign that Meijer has the same quality products at a cheaper price is…well…straight forward. And funny.


2. Pedigree Dog Food. Put in the amazing voice of David Duchovny and I’m there. I don’t even have a dog and I want to buy Pedigree. Cute. To the point…and oh yeah its a good commercial too.


3. Allstate. Wait. Wait. Hear me out. Not the one with Dennis Haysbert, the one with Dennis Duffy! This could be because I really like Dean Winters‘ character Dennis from 30 Rock, “Hey Dummy, yeah as soon as my beeper went off I knew it was you,” but it could also be because of the way he goes about playing the role of Mayhem. Either way, I find his utter lack of respect for vehicles comforting to watch. It really spices up the Allstate commercials from Dennis Haysbert always asking, “are you in good hands?” Right? Right.


4. Reese’s. Peanut. Butter. Cups. I really don’t have to say more, but I will. Reese’s are delicious and so are their commercials. Every year they play this commercial. Simple and perfect! I wish more companies would follow suit. Not to mention this gets me super excited for Halloween. Lady Gaga here I come!

5. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats. I’m a big fan of miniaturizing things. I actually think its one of the most successful ploys out there. Women can’t resist miniature objects, as long as its not…you know what. Anywho, you have Frosted Mini Wheats characters that can talk, get your kids to school on time, compliment your work, and they taste good? That’s a recipe for success.


6. Hershey Kisses Christmas commercial. You recognize this one, and amazingly I don’t hate it. I expect to see this Kisses commercial each year and I even get a little upset when I don’t see it.


7. Muppets. Any commercial with the Muppets is not only comforting but wanted. I love Kermit. Please do more! I repeat you cannot go wrong with the Muppets! Unless you kill them. Even though I love Lady Gaga, I had to post her murdering Kermit…had to.


8. Skittles. They play this one every once in a while and although I don’t remember his “personal” speech midway, this commercial still gives me a warm feeling. Probably because I’m hot for Skittles and want them. But if I slammed my fists on my desk at work and Skittles were there, I’d be ecstatic! 1. I wouldn’t have to finish work because my job would be to clean up Skittles with my mouth and 2. I’d have a room full of Skittles! Comforting concept.


9. Sam Bernstein. I might get some slack for this. But seriously, you know these commercials. When you see them, do you not instantly smile? When a new one comes on, does a piece of you not jump with excitement? You know the number, you know the man, you know his family. This is a comfort commercial! You go Sam Bernstein.


10. Life Alert. If this isn’t a comfort I don’t know what is.


I feel so much better after that last one. Well thats its. My list of comfort commercials. Hopefully later today I can curl up on the couch, with a blanket, in my Lady Gaga costume, and watch some of these comfort commercials over a huge plate of food. If not, I’ll suffice for getting drunk off beer and hopefully the sickness will just disappear much like my hangover.


They must have been on Pot Tarts

It’s my day off. So naturally I’m going to have my TV on while performing other necessary tasks like laundry, eating, internet surfing, more eating, and watching the horrible movies that are shown during day time television. However, this inevitably leads to a commercial that for some reason annoys me to no end.

The current Kellogg’s Pop Tarts commercials. As soon as I hear the background music I know whats to come. An animated bobble headed kid, with evil eyes as black as night, tap dancing across his kitchen, only to make sure his mom made him Pop Tarts, to devour them in front of her, and force her to dance.

What would have happened if he mistook the smell and instead of his precious Pop Tarts it was only strawberry pie? Village of the Damned? Children of the corn? Anyone?

Picture 1

The fact that others consider this child cute and funny makes me want to cry. Jeers to Leo Burnett, which usually has good work, for this annoying commercial and others like it. They have a new one going on about the “endless possibilities” of Pop Tarts.
1. Eat as is
2. Toast it
3. According to the commercial, put it in ice cream? Maybe.

So…that is three by my count. Yep. Endless. I’m happy I couldn’t find the corresponding video for that one.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Pop Tarts. I might even go as far as to pull a Liz Lemon and eat that long lost Pop Tart I find beneath my couch. “What do you do with the Pop Tarts?” But, I would much rather see the old doodled Pop Tarts with personality than those bobble heads again.

Kelly went from being “single” to “in a relationship”

Picture 7

Its official. I’m in love with Hungry. The little orange guy from the Weight Watchers commercials has captured my attention and my heart. In case you don’t know him, here is a quick bio about him.

Picture 3Name: Hungry
Height: About 2 ft
Best known for: His wild and free orange fur
Hobbies: Makes people happy by handing them delicious foods
Skills: He can dance, play an instrument, fit in small spaces, and speaks to me with his eyes

I can’t help but like him. It seems I’m not the only one who has feelings for Hungry, however. If you Google search Hungry Weight Watchers (I just laughed a little), you will find countless postings on his cuteness, and requests to purchase Hungrys like him. Some have even made their own.

If I could have my own Hungry I would be one happy camper. I would love to have someone bring me donuts, hot dogs, and open boxes of pizza for me throughout the day. It’s one of the top qualities I look for in a man.

Congratulations to Weight Watchers for making a memorable plushy personification of hunger. I can’t wait to see his next commercial and the funny little tap dances he performs.

However, since I am a lover of all things food, and can constantly be seen with a bag of chips within 4 feet of me at all times, I probably will not be able to resist Hungry for a long time. So keep him coming Weight Watchers.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen any of my new boyfriends commercials, here they are. Remember though ladies, he’s taken now. It’s on Facebook, so you know its official.

Sprucing it up for US

Schick Quattro has come out with a new razor. The Women TrimStyle, which isĀ  the first four-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one. You can shave, trim and transform with just the flip of a handle.

A helpful razor, but interesting commercial. The commercial released for the UK is a little more direct as to what the razor does. Judge for yourself on whether you like it or not, I think its somewhat comical, and gained lots of attention, but how were the sales after this? To me this sort of seems like one of those, yeah it was funny and everyone is talking about it, but is anyone buying it because of this commercial? Ehh…

As for the US version. Yeah, you guessed it, there is no way that commercial would be played in the US. So, they made a very toned down version of it. Obviously this loses the effect of “hey did you see that Schick Quattro commercial?,” but I personally think that this commercial probably generated more sales. I kind of like the subtlety of this one. Thanks Schick Quattro for sprucing it up for US.


On the same note, I thought I’d include one of my favorite Anti-Boredom commercials.

This one has been gaining popularity since it came out. Entertaining for sure, and guess which agency did it…yep Leo Burnett.

I also wanted to include the Ad Council‘s Jonesy Cat PSA, but it seems to be non-existent on the internet. If someone finds it please let me know, its one of my favorites. It shows a girl who is so bored that she picks up her cat and sings to it. Something I can relate to because when boredom strikes crazy things can happen. Ha.

Honorable Mentions

After posting two of my favorite commercials I decided I should also include, two more commercials by Sony Bravia. Including the claymation bunnies, these other two commercials make up one of my favorite campaigns by Sony.

Part of being creative is thinking of a new way to show what your product does…they nailed it.

That’s got to be one tough clean up.

I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that people who lived on those streets said they found bouncy balls for weeks.

Thanks YouTube!

She’s A Rainbow

That’s right, the Rolling Stones. When I watch commercials there are a few key things that I always pay attention to:rolling-stonestongue2
-Graphics (because I know how hard those can be)
-Actors (specifically I like to remember what TV show/movie/other commercial I recognize them from)
-Brand and creative concept
-Imagery used
-Song choice

Focusing on song choice, the song can really make or break your commercial. If you choose a song that is associated with an artist with a bad reputation, your brand can be associated with that as well. But realistically and more importantly, if you choose a song I hate…I’m probably going to skip your commercial every time and begin to hate your product a lot more.

Going with a song I enjoy, She’s A Rainbow by the Rolling Stones, there are two brands that have not only captured my attention by their musical selection, but by their sheer creative genius, and therefore have become a few of my favorite commercials of all time.

Sony Bravia: since the days of Gumby, claymation has never been so cool.

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” – John Steinbeck.

Apple: outdated, but still effective.

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