My Work

Some work I completed at my last year at MSU. There is more, so if you’re interested in seeing it, for lets say a job opportunity or because you are incredibly bored, feel free to contact me or connect to me on LinkedIn.

Most of this work is bound in my portfolio waiting to be used, but a few have managed to be displayed during the ONE CLUB 15th Annual Student Exhibition in New York City, and around the halls at MSU. Neato.



A poster and playbills/ticket for the play Medea at MSU. It was featured on MSU’s Showcase and is probably still hanging around buildings around the school.


A poster for the College of Creative Arts. If you are in the Communication Arts Building at MSU you can go to the second floor and see a gigantic version of it.


Sharpie Mini print ad. More of these are in the works for a campaign.


Adobe font page. Each letter is made from three different types of font. Also, more of these in the works.


Billboard for the Children’s Trust Fund of Michigan. They are the leading agency in MI in preventing child abuse. There is an entire campaign, if you’re interested in seeing it, let me know.

I also wrote the copy for two Public Service Announcements for Impact System of Care for Mental Health Awareness Day, which was featured on radio stations around the Lansing area. Take a listen.



  1. Love the GDTY one… I’m in Vegas now really curious about their story. I’m hear two days. So, my mission (now totaly bored with the usual Vegas stuff) is to get a huge group of them together to play Queen’s “We will rock you” with their cards. This particular stunt will be televised if successful. 8 )

    Anyhow, great stuff!


    • Thanks. I really like the Queen’s idea. If it works out you should let me know. I’ll post a link to it. I’m sure it would be awesome. Thanks again.

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