Dear Facebook

Well you asked what’s on my mind. Oh Facebook Facebook Facebook. You are in both my personal and working life. Even if I tried to I could not escape you. I appreciate your ability to make connections, post content, share photos, promote companies and communicate with customers, but what’s with the “page” madness?

Back in the day, and by that I mean a month ago which is a long time in Facebook world, “Pages” were used for companies, celebrities, TV shows, bands, and anything else that you wanted to receive content worthy updates about. You became a “Fan” of these pages because, just like a psycho fan, you wanted to know anything and everything about these topics.

Now you no longer become a fan. You “Like” a page. Like. Hmm.

Like has become the LOL of Facebook. Its kind of a reflex. You aren’t actually laughing out loud, in fact you’re just looking for a response to something that you read, processed, and raised an eyebrow at. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you do laugh out loud, or really do like a page, but more times than, just a reflex.

Facebook has now made it mandatory, for me at least, to join a bajillion pages in order to have any content in my information section.

What this new feature creates is a clusterfuck of pages about..nothing! As much as I enjoy napping there doesn’t need to be a page about it on Facebook. I know what it is. I know how to nap. I don’t want updates of who is napping, and I don’t want to link my interest to a thousand other losers who like to nap.

Can it not be enough that I physically type “I like to nap” as an interest? Must you delete all of my witty content, and force everything to become a click-able link that connects to a page?

I can only imagine users hitting the “Like” button to everything that comes their way. It seems to me that pages will sort of lose their luster. Pages won’t be creative anymore, and companies/celebrities will get lost in a sea of nonsense.

There is an old saying that less is more. Stop this page madness! Leave those for what they were good for…stalking celebrities, TV show characters, band members, and companies that you wanted a job from.

And let me pretend that I have interests of my own without being forced to link to pages. I know that I’m not the only one who likes to people watch. You don’t need to point it out to me. Just let me have that one. Until then, I will remain an info-less member of the Facebook world.


Where in the World is Kelly Viviano?

Its been a while. The last time I posted it wasn’t even my birthday yet. So where have I been? What have I been doing? I promised updates on this a while ago…where are they?

Ok. I lied. No, I just got busy. I fully intended to keep this updated, but life caught up with me. I’ve had some pretty rocky/weird interviews for jobs, which I’d rather not remember. I had a New Years Eve, which I definitely don’t remember, and a New Years Day that my date will always remember. I became an aunt, and oh yeah, I got a job!

Along with not being able to update this blog I haven’t been able to have mini marathons of The X-Files. I haven’t been able to switch the month on my “Nuns Havin’ Fun” calendar from December to February (soon to be March) and I haven’t showered in weeks.

No, I lied again…and I’m basically just complaining. I still shower everyday, manage to eat copious amounts of food while working/hanging out with friends, and still play around on Facebook. I guess the time that I used to take updating this blog, watching too much TV, and changing my calendar is now consumed by a job. Does this mean I’m an adult?

NO! I want to be a Toys R Us Kid! So here is a new entry for anyone who reads this still and requested it (WKIW). Today I have the day off and am free to do whatever. I chose painting, and of course this blog. Here is the painting:

Red and black. Like you weren’t expecting that. Along with some Garbage song titles in the background and my attempted paint splash of Shirley Manson. Don’t you just love the wallpaper? Another thing I haven’t done…take down wallpaper and paint bedroom wall red.

To make up for my lack of posting, here are two more little goodies. Some doodles I made a while ago of Kaitlin Olson and Charlie Day from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Kelly went from being “single” to “in a relationship”

Picture 7

Its official. I’m in love with Hungry. The little orange guy from the Weight Watchers commercials has captured my attention and my heart. In case you don’t know him, here is a quick bio about him.

Picture 3Name: Hungry
Height: About 2 ft
Best known for: His wild and free orange fur
Hobbies: Makes people happy by handing them delicious foods
Skills: He can dance, play an instrument, fit in small spaces, and speaks to me with his eyes

I can’t help but like him. It seems I’m not the only one who has feelings for Hungry, however. If you Google search Hungry Weight Watchers (I just laughed a little), you will find countless postings on his cuteness, and requests to purchase Hungrys like him. Some have even made their own.

If I could have my own Hungry I would be one happy camper. I would love to have someone bring me donuts, hot dogs, and open boxes of pizza for me throughout the day. It’s one of the top qualities I look for in a man.

Congratulations to Weight Watchers for making a memorable plushy personification of hunger. I can’t wait to see his next commercial and the funny little tap dances he performs.

However, since I am a lover of all things food, and can constantly be seen with a bag of chips within 4 feet of me at all times, I probably will not be able to resist Hungry for a long time. So keep him coming Weight Watchers.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen any of my new boyfriends commercials, here they are. Remember though ladies, he’s taken now. It’s on Facebook, so you know its official.

The Adventures of People Watching…

People on the moveWelcome to the adventures of people watching. In case anyone has taken the time to read my “about me” page, on a daily basis I like to watch people and see the weird and interesting things that they do. Therefore, I’ve decided to start a category.

Today I watched as a girl was driving along side the bus. Normal.

But then I noticed that she had a text book against her steering wheel and was studying for a final no doubt. She was just cruising along, reading her book, definitely not paying attention to the road.  I couldn’t help but stare and somewhat wish she would hit something. Not seriously get hurt, but just, woken up to the fact that she was DRIVING!

Going back to the beginning of my New Media Drivers License class, I watched a student change her profile picture from a picture of the middle finger, to a picture of her and her friends. She only did this after adding my teacher as her friend on Facebook. Makes me laugh.

I guess these stories could have a little more punch to them, but, if you’re reading my blog you must be pretty bored anyhow, so it’s probably a good break from your Facebook.

Look for more postings on my random people watching adventures, which are sure to become more interesting. And know that these adventures aren’t always as safe as they seem. I was once hit by a biker due to an intense people watching session.

And although it’s almost over…it’s really just begun

qaxiagnibjn8lvexftinnle4o1_400The time has almost come for my final class session in the New Media Driver License course at MSU.

It has been a pretty pleasurable experience and has opened me up to some new internet connections that I plan to stay apart of.

On March 21st I plan to present to my fellow classmates the posts that I have written on this blog, along with sharing my experiences and thoughts of other online tools I’ve used along the way. These of course will include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google, and Google’s many many applications.

As an added bonus I hope to make a quick video  that will showcase my final thoughts to the class. And by quick I mean, a short video of a hodgepodge of random thoughts, images, etc.  Hopefully it works out.

I’ll make sure to post it on here afterwards in case any of my few readers are interested in seeing what my thought process is really like.

MSU Students get a leg up on the competition

educator_excitementIt’s your senior year in college at MSU, and you think you’ve got your schedule all worked out so you can graduate on time. You are finally in some of those important classes that you wished you could have taken in your sophomore year, and are beginning to put together a portfolio for potential employers.

Well here is some advice to you seniors, and even sophomores and juniors. Start collecting your work early and start thinking ahead. If there is one class you should add to your schedule, it should be the New Media Driver’s License course. This is one of those important classes you should have gotten into years ago.

How can it help you? Well it satisfies 2 credits and it’s online. It fits your schedule perfectly and it helps you develop a web presence for yourself. Employers expect you to have a portfolio, and not just a folder they can hold in their hands. They want to see your work online, see your website/blog that you’ve written and managed, see your networking connections, and see your online personality and presence.

NMDL helps you create your own blog, make network connections, and helps you create an online presence so that when someone Googles your name, your information pops up, not some random person living in New Hampshire who signed up to an Atari Fan Site.

If you want to stand out to employers, take this class. Go ahead, join the Facebook group and see what its about. You might want to hide that picture of you double fisting those beers first though…just another suggestion.

Online Networking…

So many networks so little time…actually I have quite a bit of free time between classes, so I usually waste a few hours of my life to update my status, write on people’s walls, chat with friends, and stalk…I mean see what other people are doing. My assignment this week was to join a few social networks, one of which I was already apart of, and talk about them.


I joined Facebook about 2 years ago, which is around the time when they opened it to just about everyone, not just college students. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, family, and classmates…and that’s about all I look to get out of this website. I don’t necessarily plan for potential employers to look at my Facebook profile, although I’m sure they will try. I’ve managed to keep my information pretty “clean,” private, and plan on tidying it up before I apply to any “professional” jobs.


Linkedin is the online network that I plan for employers to look at. Linkedin allows me to describe my employment history, what types of jobs I’m interested in, and provide any other information that might normally be on a resume on my profile. However, the most difficult task so far seems to be connecting with others. I have one “connection” and should really start searching for more.


Twitter. Well, I guess Twitter is just another way to update people what it is you’re doing. My only problem with Twitter is that not many people use it (or at least that I know), and the Facebook status is essentially the same thing. It’s also a great stalking tool beyond Facebook, because I’ve noticed people seem to update their Twitter status every few hours, rather than days.

Overall these are, for me, time wasters throughout the day that keep me busy. I like being able to see how my friends are doing, and talk with others that I haven’t in a while. However, I’m not so sure everyone needs to know what I’m doing every hour of the day, or would even care, because I usually don’t.

I do like the thought of employers being able to simply go online and get a taste of who you are, and what you want to do, but often I feel these websites are used to find something “bad” about potential employees instead.Whether you are keeping in touch with friends, or being a creeper…these networks seem like they are here to stay and are growing by the day.

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