Dear Facebook

Well you asked what’s on my mind. Oh Facebook Facebook Facebook. You are in both my personal and working life. Even if I tried to I could not escape you. I appreciate your ability to make connections, post content, share photos, promote companies and communicate with customers, but what’s with the “page” madness?

Back in the day, and by that I mean a month ago which is a long time in Facebook world, “Pages” were used for companies, celebrities, TV shows, bands, and anything else that you wanted to receive content worthy updates about. You became a “Fan” of these pages because, just like a psycho fan, you wanted to know anything and everything about these topics.

Now you no longer become a fan. You “Like” a page. Like. Hmm.

Like has become the LOL of Facebook. Its kind of a reflex. You aren’t actually laughing out loud, in fact you’re just looking for a response to something that you read, processed, and raised an eyebrow at. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you do laugh out loud, or really do like a page, but more times than, just a reflex.

Facebook has now made it mandatory, for me at least, to join a bajillion pages in order to have any content in my information section.

What this new feature creates is a clusterfuck of pages about..nothing! As much as I enjoy napping there doesn’t need to be a page about it on Facebook. I know what it is. I know how to nap. I don’t want updates of who is napping, and I don’t want to link my interest to a thousand other losers who like to nap.

Can it not be enough that I physically type “I like to nap” as an interest? Must you delete all of my witty content, and force everything to become a click-able link that connects to a page?

I can only imagine users hitting the “Like” button to everything that comes their way. It seems to me that pages will sort of lose their luster. Pages won’t be creative anymore, and companies/celebrities will get lost in a sea of nonsense.

There is an old saying that less is more. Stop this page madness! Leave those for what they were good for…stalking celebrities, TV show characters, band members, and companies that you wanted a job from.

And let me pretend that I have interests of my own without being forced to link to pages. I know that I’m not the only one who likes to people watch. You don’t need to point it out to me. Just let me have that one. Until then, I will remain an info-less member of the Facebook world.

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