No Tape? Check Your Roll.

Next time you’re out of tape, just check the roll. Wrapping paper companies are beginning to include sheets of tape within their packaging. If this is old news I apologize, its just the first I’ve seen it. It really was a stroke of genius whomever decided to include these sheets of tape.

Lets face it. No one really knows how to wrap well. Sometimes I think my presents would look better if I just crumpled them up in a ball of colorful paper. Try to pass it off as art. You might as well have a drink or two, or five, while wrapping for false confidence. So what happens when you reach the point where you realize you forgot Scotch tape?

Do you look around for objects in your home that have tape on them, in the hopes that you can reuse it? That channel changer back that always falls off. Think you can carefully peel away that piece? Will it have enough stick? No no, you can’t risk the remote not working!

Check your roll. If you’re lucky, it will have a tape sheet inside that will save you from having to sober up and actually buy it.

Thank you wrapping paper for containing a sheet of tape within your packaging.  I really do appreciate the little things you do for me.